ATC Contest

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Have you checked out the Contest on the forum???  If not, you definitely should!  Open to all skill levels

This is how it works:
I will collect up the cards and post them on my facebook page to get "likes". The one with the most likes will be the winner. Why facebook? Because that is where the most exposure will be. Everyone will be able to have an equal chance of winning.
The voting will last for 2 weeks.

Here are the entries so far!
 photo ScreenShot2014-11-11at162956.png  photo darknessfallsenchantedvisions.jpg  photo FullSizeRender.jpg  photo PicsArt_1414439373493.jpg  photo IMG_0530.jpg

So what are you waiting for?!  Click HERE to go enter the contest!

New Wallpaper!

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I have a new wallpaper for you today!!

As always, do not alter this wallpaper.  It is for personal desktop use ONLY.
4 sizes available.


Camera Giveaways

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Wedding Ideas
Image courtesy of: SnapKnot - Wedding Ideas

Twisted Ruby Red Slippers Artist Collective

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I was invited to an artist collective and I have to say that the intimidation is quite high!  There are some AMAZING artists creating along side me in this online gallery/auction.  Come have a look at all of the talent I get to work with :D

Post by Twisted Ruby Red Slippers Artist Collective.

Masks and Textures GALORE!

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Have you checked out all of the new Masks and Textures?  Here are just a few to choose from for this month :D

RebelDezignsMask-Sept2014-15 RebelDezignsMask-Sept2014-13 RebelDezignsMask-Sept2014-11 RebelDezignsMask-Sept2014-12 RebelDezignsMask-Sept2014-14 RebelDezignsMask-Sept2014-9 RebelDezignsMask-Sept2014-7 RebelDezignsMask-Sept2014-10 RebelDezignsMask-Sept2014-6 RebelDezignsMask-Sept2014-8
RebelDezignsTexture-Sept2014-15 RebelDezignsTexture-Sept2014-11 RebelDezignsTexture-Sept2014-14 RebelDezignsTexture-Sept2014-12 RebelDezignsTexture-Sept2014-13 RebelDezignsTexture-Sept2014-10 RebelDezignsTexture-Sept2014-6 RebelDezignsTexture-Sept2014-8 RebelDezignsTexture-Sept2014-9 RebelDezignsTexture-Sept2014-7




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