Some extras by Schnegge

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Schnegge has created a BUTT load of extras for us today!! And boy, are they gorgeous!

To download the extras, just visit my imgur link:

As always, do not alter these images.  Enjoy!!

Twisted Ruby Red Slippers Artist Collective

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I was invited to an artist collective and I have to say that the intimidation is quite high!  There are some AMAZING artists creating along side me in this online gallery/auction.  Come have a look at all of the talent I get to work with :D

Masks and Textures GALORE!

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Have you checked out all of the new Masks and Textures?  Here are just a few to choose from for this month :D

RebelDezignsMask-Sept2014-15 RebelDezignsMask-Sept2014-13 RebelDezignsMask-Sept2014-11 RebelDezignsMask-Sept2014-12 RebelDezignsMask-Sept2014-14 RebelDezignsMask-Sept2014-9 RebelDezignsMask-Sept2014-7 RebelDezignsMask-Sept2014-10 RebelDezignsMask-Sept2014-6 RebelDezignsMask-Sept2014-8
RebelDezignsTexture-Sept2014-15 RebelDezignsTexture-Sept2014-11 RebelDezignsTexture-Sept2014-14 RebelDezignsTexture-Sept2014-12 RebelDezignsTexture-Sept2014-13 RebelDezignsTexture-Sept2014-10 RebelDezignsTexture-Sept2014-6 RebelDezignsTexture-Sept2014-8 RebelDezignsTexture-Sept2014-9 RebelDezignsTexture-Sept2014-7

ATC trading

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I have been searching around for places to trade cards lately.  I have a newfound "old" love for ATCs and ACEOs.  If you are into collecting or trading, please do let me know!  I have found a group on facebook called ATC SwapAlicious & ACEO's.  They are a pretty good group! :)

Here are a few I have created over the years.

Coffee Time Snaggables

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Another set of snaggable greetings for you today!  These were created by the fabulous Michele Riggsbee! 
As always, do not alter these tags.  You are, however, allowed to take and use them whereever you like!