Challenge results for June/July/August

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We have monthly challenges on the forum and here are the results from June/July/August for you all to download and use!!
Do not redistribute anything listed here.


New tags with my art

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Just look at these wonderful tags I have gotten lately using my now FTU artwork!  Thank you all for such awesome presents!  I love them :D

New CT tutorials

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These PSP tutorials feature the scrap kits that I have available for purchase at Creative Design Outlet.

HUGE thanks to the designers that create such beautiful works with these supplies!



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Best Local Wedding Photographers


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Ok, I had an extra long hiatus, but I am back online now!  The move gave us a little computer trouble, but nothing we can't conquer in a couple of months.  I have my laptop until then :D

Sorry to everyone who was waiting to have emails answered!  I didn't put the admin email account on my tablet so they were all just sitting there for over 2 months.  But I have answered them all now and ready for new ones to roll in lol

Also, soon I will have the challenge results posted and new tutorials relayed and other goodies available again.  The forum is still hopping with new challenges and chit chat, so everyone is welcome to join in!

I hope everyone is having a great summer!!