Honey, I'm HOME!!

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Vacation was pretty great!  The flights... yeah, not so much.  I do not recommend flying Delta.  This is the second time, and it was just as bad (if not worse) than the first.

Delays end to end... Missed flights... cancellations... and a STRIKE.  I hate that.  The customers have to pay more for that ordeal just as much as the company. Thankfully, it got rebooked and I arrived a day late to the states.

However, I must say, the Atlanta airport is one of the quickest, cleanest, and most efficient airports I have ever been to.  You guys ROCK! :D

Vacation was very relaxing.  No plans, no deadlines, just hanging around chatting and being lazy LOL!  That is the way a vacation should be!  The only downside is, I didn't get to see any of the people that I wanted to see.  Going on vacation to a nature state without a vehicle is not the most convenient of ideas.  I will know better next time, though ;)

I hope you guys didn't have too much fun while I was gone! Haha!

New challenges have finally been posted.  Sorry you guys had to wait an extra week to have it done. 

Also, I have put up some tags for "sale".  Don't worry, no real money is being exchanged ;) You can find those on the forum.

There is plenty to do.  Just have a look around and jump in wherever you like!  We don't bite hard, I promise!!

Happy April Fool's Day!

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I pulled my prank for the day, so I will leave it at that so I don't get strangled LOL
I guess I can let you all in on the joke.

I had a commission piece in progress of a hydra dragon.  It was going really good as you can see by these progress shots:

Then THIS happened...

ON NOES!!! How could I let this happen????

But... don't fret! 

I was feeling particularly evil this April haha! ;)

But I did get the piece finished and uploaded to deviantART for prints.

I am really lucky I didn't get strangled today! haha!  In celebration of my survival...
here are some new photo masks for you! 

RebelDezignsMask-Apr2015-3 RebelDezignsMask-Apr2015-2 RebelDezignsMask-Apr2015-1 RebelDezignsMask-Apr2015-5 RebelDezignsMask-Apr2015-10
RebelDezignsMask-Apr2015-7 RebelDezignsMask-Apr2015-8 RebelDezignsMask-Apr2015-9 RebelDezignsMask-Apr2015-6


New art

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Yep, I have been pretty much drawing non-stop for the past few days.  So in the wake, here are a couple of new pieces.  The car has already found a new home and the portrait will be staying in my personal collection.

I think another portrait is to come next.  I just love drawing faces!  It feels so nice when the graphite forms into someone that is recognisable!  That is, by those who know of who the portrait is LOL

These can be found on my deviantart profile.

New work

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A couple of new pieces.  I think portraits will be forever my specialty.  I love the detail and expression in faces.  I still remember when I was younger, I would never draw faces on any of my creations because they were "just too hard to get right".  Oh how times change.

Scanned versions of these can be found on my deviantart profile.


New art

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Here are my latest works.  I have been working on a MUCH larger size lately. The one on the left is 73 cm high and the one on the right is 55 cm.  I really am enjoying this larger size.  So much more detail can be packed into them!   Photos and scans just do them no justice.

The biggest difference is the time I have been taking on them.  Both of these took about a week each.  MUCH longer than my typical A4 sized works.  The result is so much more satisfying, though!

These do have a bit of digital enhancement to make them print worthy, however.  The background texture is not present on either of these pieces. 

*untitled* by ReneKunert   Back Side by ReneKunert 




René Kunert