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Sooooo who all is keeping up with #inktober?

What is it, you ask?  It is a challenge for inked drawing for 31 days.
There are a few versions of the challenge. 

  • Draw one inked drawing per day for 31 days
  • Work on one single inked drawing everyday for 30 days
  • One inked ATC card per day for 31 days

I have chosen the ATC challenge.  It is more appropriate with my schedule, so I can actually keep up and complete the challenge.
Right now, we are on day 23.  So far, I have been staying up with the challenge!  I have 23 inked cards completed to date!

But... I am not showing you yet... MWAHAHAHA!  I just thought I would tease you for just a little bit.  However, on October 31st, I will be posting ALL 31 CARDS here for you to see!

That isn't all!  I will be selling the whole set of 31 inktober cards to the highest bidder!  Yep!  They are going up for auction.  I will be holding the auction on my Facebook page.  So if you are interested, now is your heads up!

Happy October, everyone and see you on the 31st! :D

ACEO Sale!!

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Would you like a custom ACEO? Now's the time to get them!! They are perfect stocking stuffers as well. Gift someone art this year! Even if it is a tiny art

From now until December 1st, Custom original art cards are only $5 each! That's right! An original mini-artwork for just $5. If you order 10 of them, you can get $5 off! So 10 art cards for $45!! Perfect time to start a collection.

Paypal only. Just send me a message with the description cards you would like (does not need to be a previously created card)! Just remember that an art card is 2.5 x 3.5 inches and can't hold an insane amount of detail.

Camera Giveaways

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Wedding Ideas
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Art, art, and more art!

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I have been working on tons of Art Cards lately. I have really become addicted to these tiny artworks.  They are quick and easy with no commitment and I feel so much more free! Since joining iATC, I have had a lot more confidence in my work and have been able to absorb myself further into it.  I have even been experimenting more with other mediums, including ink.  I think #inktober had a whole lot to do with that, though. :)

Here are a few of the recent ones. 


Note: These images are not for use in any way other than viewing.

Some extras by Schnegge

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Schnegge has created a BUTT load of extras for us today!! And boy, are they gorgeous!

To download the extras, just visit my imgur link:

As always, do not alter these images.  Enjoy!!




René Kunert