New art

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Here are my latest works.  I have been working on a MUCH larger size lately. The one on the left is 73 cm high and the one on the right is 55 cm.  I really am enjoying this larger size.  So much more detail can be packed into them!   Photos and scans just do them no justice.

The biggest difference is the time I have been taking on them.  Both of these took about a week each.  MUCH longer than my typical A4 sized works.  The result is so much more satisfying, though!

These do have a bit of digital enhancement to make them print worthy, however.  The background texture is not present on either of these pieces. 

*untitled* by ReneKunert   Back Side by ReneKunert 

New art

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Lots of things going on lately. 

Practice, practice, practice.  It really does do a WORLD of good.  If you think you can't, then stop thinking; just do it.
I fell like I still have a long way to go until I am at the point I want to be, but I am slowly starting to inch my way there.  I have always wanted to do pinup art, but have always been intimidated by it.  But as they say, you never know until you try.  I am so glad I tried.

Here are a couple of the pieces I have completed recently.  These pieces were referenced from photography used by Dead Lotus Couture.  All information on the models and photographers can be found by clicking on the images.

These will be going up for auction this month.

Electric Eraser Tip

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I have always thought that an electric eraser is the best tool an artist can have.  However, there are some drawbacks.  At different points of my drawings, I like to have different widths of eraser.  No eraser, besides a kneaded eraser can give me that option.  So I struck a middle ground!

For those that would like to know my little secret:

Here is a short video on how it works. Please excuse my stutter... I am not used to filming myself like this LOL

Happy creating!

YAY We survived the holidays!

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I hope everyone had a great winter so far!  Now is the time to start getting life back on track. Also time for us to make those New Year's resolutions that we never seem to keep haha!

So what were your resolutions for this year??
Mine was to keep collecting art! Lots and lots of art... Yes, I am an addict haha

On top of that, it is time to get back into the routine on the forum. 
The weekly challenges have been posted once again.  There is also a new tagging contest posted.

For those of you that like to draw or doodle, be sure to check out the Daily ATCs.
There are also some monthly challenges for you guys that like the more traditional forms of art.

Hope to see you all back soon! :D

ATC Voting

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We held a contest for creating ATCs.  And the results were spectactular!!

Be sure to come vote on your favorite ATC card!Voting is hosted on my Facebook Page.

Good luck to all of the entrants!




René Kunert