ATC trading

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I have been searching around for places to trade cards lately.  I have a newfound "old" love for ATCs and ACEOs.  If you are into collecting or trading, please do let me know!  I have found a group on facebook called ATC SwapAlicious & ACEO's.  They are a pretty good group! :)

Here are a few I have created over the years.

Coffee Time Snaggables

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Another set of snaggable greetings for you today!  These were created by the fabulous Michele Riggsbee! 
As always, do not alter these tags.  You are, however, allowed to take and use them whereever you like!


Freebie Wallpaper!

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I followed a photoshop tutorial and thought I would share the results with you all!  I hope you enjoy this wallpaper. 

As always, do not alter this wallpaper.  It is for personal desktop use ONLY.
4 sizes available.


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Some GORGEOUS snaggable extras made by the very awesome KiyaSama! 

These tags feature my portion of the Halloween Collab available for a short time at Creative Design Outlet.  For more information on how to get your hands on this collab, visit the site here:

Thank you so much Kiya!  I will definitely be using these this season!

 photo WelcomeRK-vi.gif  photo GoodMorningRK-vi.gif  photo CheckingInRK-vi.gif  photo ThankYouRK-vi.gif  photo AwesomeRK-vi.gif  photo HelloRK-vi.gif  photo CongratulationsRK-vi.gif

DO NOT alter these tags in any way.  You are, however, allowed to download them and use at your discretion :)

Challenge results for June/July/August

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We have monthly challenges on the forum and here are the results from June/July/August for you all to download and use!!
Do not redistribute anything listed here.