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Head over to Facebook to place your bids!!

Inktober card challenge results.

This Auction ends in one week (November 7th)
One card drawn for each day in October.  All in ink.
Proceeds go towards a new printer.

Opening bid: $10
Buy it now: $25 (void on first bid)
Shipping: $3.50

Happy bidding :)

(This auction is in no way affiliated with or sponsored by Facebook)


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Sooooo who all is keeping up with #inktober?

What is it, you ask?  It is a challenge for inked drawing for 31 days.
There are a few versions of the challenge. 

  • Draw one inked drawing per day for 31 days
  • Work on one single inked drawing everyday for 30 days
  • One inked ATC card per day for 31 days

I have chosen the ATC challenge.  It is more appropriate with my schedule, so I can actually keep up and complete the challenge.
Right now, we are on day 23.  So far, I have been staying up with the challenge!  I have 23 inked cards completed to date!

But... I am not showing you yet... MWAHAHAHA!  I just thought I would tease you for just a little bit.  However, on October 31st, I will be posting ALL 31 CARDS here for you to see!

That isn't all!  I will be selling the whole set of 31 inktober cards to the highest bidder!  Yep!  They are going up for auction.  I will be holding the auction on my Facebook page.  So if you are interested, now is your heads up!

Happy October, everyone and see you on the 31st! :D

ACEO Sale!!

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Would you like a custom ACEO? Now's the time to get them!! They are perfect stocking stuffers as well. Gift someone art this year! Even if it is a tiny art

From now until December 1st, Custom original art cards are only $5 each! That's right! An original mini-artwork for just $5. If you order 10 of them, you can get $5 off! So 10 art cards for $45!! Perfect time to start a collection.

Paypal only. Just send me a message with the description cards you would like (does not need to be a previously created card)! Just remember that an art card is 2.5 x 3.5 inches and can't hold an insane amount of detail.

Camera Giveaways

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Wedding Ideas
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Art, art, and more art!

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I have been working on tons of Art Cards lately. I have really become addicted to these tiny artworks.  They are quick and easy with no commitment and I feel so much more free! Since joining iATC, I have had a lot more confidence in my work and have been able to absorb myself further into it.  I have even been experimenting more with other mediums, including ink.  I think #inktober had a whole lot to do with that, though. :)

Here are a few of the recent ones. 


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René Kunert