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As some of you have come to know, I give away a LOT of items.  Bookmarks, prints, ACEOs, etc.  But I really would love to expand on what I can give away.  I am running short on print options now that I have moved to another country.  DeviantART can only go so far.  In order to start printing things like coloring books, sheets, and other goodies, I need to start doing things from home.  The only way to get it done is by the help of other people willing to throw in a couple of bucks here and there.  A little really does go a LONG way. 

Be sure to check out the perks on the right side of the page and know that you aren't just giving a "handout".  Every little bit is HIGHLY appreciated and will help me continue to do the thing I love the most.  Art.


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Local wedding photographers
Image courtesy of: SnapKnot - Local Wedding Photographers

YAY We survived the holidays!

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I hope everyone had a great winter so far!  Now is the time to start getting life back on track. Also time for us to make those New Year's resolutions that we never seem to keep haha!

So what were your resolutions for this year??
Mine was to keep collecting art! Lots and lots of art... Yes, I am an addict haha

On top of that, it is time to get back into the routine on the forum. 
The weekly challenges have been posted once again.  There is also a new tagging contest posted.

For those of you that like to draw or doodle, be sure to check out the Daily ATCs.
There are also some monthly challenges for you guys that like the more traditional forms of art.

Hope to see you all back soon! :D

ATC Voting

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We held a contest for creating ATCs.  And the results were spectactular!!

Be sure to come vote on your favorite ATC card!Voting is hosted on my Facebook Page.

Good luck to all of the entrants!

ATC Contest still going on!

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First off, I want to wish you all a very Happy Holiday season!  

I hope you enjoy your holidays, whatever you celebrate; whether it be Bodhi Day, Advent, Krampusnacht, Saint Nicholas' Day, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Saint Lucia's Day, Longest Night, Christmas Day, Anastasia of Sirmium feast day, Las Posadas, Saint Stephen's Day, Saint John the Evangelist's Day, Holy Innocents' Day, Saint Sylvester's Day,    Decemberween, Pancha Ganapati, Malkh, Mōdraniht, Saturnalia, Dies Natalis Solis Invicti, Hanukkah, Yule, Yalda,  Zamenhof Day, Soyal, HumanLight, Newtonmas, Quaid-e-Azam's Day, Boxing Day, Kwanzaa, Watch Night, Dongzhi Festival, or Chalica.  You get the picture of the extent of winter holidays.

But more importantly, these activities are definitely a time of chaos and stress, but do remember to take a little time for yourself.  What better gift to give yourself than the gift of creativity.  When you create something by yourself, you have the feeling of accomplishment that accompanies it.  You know, where you get to sit back and think "I just did that!"  And if it wins you a prize, that would only be a perk.  Just give it your all!  Even if you do not like your creation, there are others that would love the chance to view it.  You never know until you try.

So come in and let yourself go!

I hope to see you there!  That would be MY best gift this year!!

Happy winter from all of us at Rebel Dezigns!!




René Kunert